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Do Social Networks Trump Résumés?

May 13th, 2011 Comments off

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For finance professionals, a carefully crafted résumé has always been vital to landing a job. Now some experts say that social-networking Websites have become just as important to a successful job search, if not more so. 

In the last 18 months or so, I’ve run across a lot of recruiting and job-seeking on sites liked LinkedIn.  This trend seems likely to continue as electronic tools take the place of paper-based documents even in the relatively traditional area of employment.  If online dating can be mainstream it makes sense that the job market would move that direction as well.

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The Path to CFO: Is the CMA Credential Just as Important as the CPA?

September 21st, 2010 Comments off
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The Path to CFO: Is the CMA Credential Just as Important as the CPA? « Going Concern: Accounting News for Accountants & CFOs.

There are some interesting points in the post made at the link above.  Rather than contrast the CPA and CMA credentials with the idea of promoting one or the other, there are arguments about the two credentials actually supplementing each other.

I have a feeling the IMA would be more successful if they marketed the CMA credential better, but is it in their best interest to promote the credential as an “add-on” to the CPA?  I think they would then likely alienate many of their current CMAs that only have that credential.

As a CPA who has, at times, thought about taking the CMA Exam, I just have never seen the value in earning it and I haven’t been willing to spend the money in exam fees and ongoing IMA dues to make it worth my while.

Study: CFOs Focus on Attracting and Retaining Accountants

August 10th, 2010 Comments off

As the economy recovers (which is hopefully happening now) I expect to hear a lot of news about companies fighting hard to retain employees as well as to attract new ones.  For a while now, employers haven’t had to work hard to keep the people they have because of the inability of their people to find jobs elsewhere.  Also, it has been easy to recruit for the few open positions a company might have because of the number of high-quality applicants that have been looking for work.  As the supply of jobless folks dries up, retaining and recruiting will once again be huge if companies want to remain competitive.

Frequently, accountants are being asked to be more than the “bean counters.”  As we discuss in class, management accounting is a field where people are expected to wear many hats while also being financially focused.  These “non-technical” skills are exactly what employers will be looking for in the near future:

Over half of the executives surveryed answered that “There are not enough individuals in the market with the necessary soft skills.” Similarly, 31% said that personality or people skills are important than technological capabilities when deciding between two job candidates.

“Technical accounting skills are critical, but it wasn’t the primary issue of concern,” said Gina Kim, director in the public policy and external affairs group at Grant Thornton. “Now that accountants are expected to put more professional judgment into their determinations, they have to be able to think critically about an issue.”

Read more at: CFOs Focus on Attracting and Retaining Accountants, According to Study – Finance Career Management, Finance Career News –

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Management Accounting Careers with IMA Chair Sandra Richtermeyer

July 29th, 2010 Comments off

For anyone interested in a career in management accounting, here is a great post from Going Concern that would be great for you to read.  It contains an interview with the IMA Chair so it is obviously coming from their perspective (that’s not a bat thing — just be aware).  Read more at this link:

More on Cost Accounting Careers with IMA Chair Sandra Richtermeyer « Going Concern: Accounting News for Accountants & CFOs.

Choosing a major in this economy

November 9th, 2009 Comments off

An interesting piece in the Baltimore Sun about projections for job growth in various industries, but the best advice is always to do what you love to do and the money/opportunities are secondary.  There is nothing worse than dragging yourself out of bed each day to go to a job that you dread.  So if accounting is exciting to you, go into accounting.  If computers are your thing, major in a field that focuses on technology.  Also realize that the average person changes careers (not just jobs) several times during their working years.  Just keep an eye on the future and keep learning throughout your life and you will be successful.

Choosing a major in this economy. Gene Trainor, McClatchy Newspapers.