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Categories adjusted for new textbook

August 24th, 2010 Comments off

I have adjusted the categories to reflect our adoption of a new textbook for fall semester.  Instead of “HDFRI” you will now notice “Blocher” chapters in the category list.  This is because we will be using Cost Management: A Strategic Emphasis, 5th Edition by Blocher, Edward; Stout, David; Cokins, Gary this semester.  As best I could I mapped the old chapters to the new chapters but there could be some older posts that don’t quite fit in where the new textbook has the related material.  Newer posts should match up better and better as I get used to the format of the new book.  As always, the “tags” list or search function may be better tools to use if you are looking for materials on a specific topic.

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Most of the Content is Restored

September 5th, 2009 Comments off

Because Google Reader has archived most the posts from this site in their entirety, I was able to copy paste the old material (yes, one article at a time!) back into the new blog installation.  There were a handful of posts from late April that were truncated so those are lost forever, but I’m relatively pleased that so much was able to be salvaged.

One thing that didn’t copy over is the categorization of each post according to things like the textbook chapters and/or source publications.  I will have to go through the posts and re-categorize each of them and add the post tags as well.  This will be done in the coming days.

The lesson here?  Backup the data and site regularly!!  Of course that is nothing new but hopefully this time I will take it seriously.

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I Mistakenly Blew Away the Site

September 5th, 2009 Comments off

Through the careless clicking of a couple buttons, I’ve managed to delete the entire site and all of the old posts.  I’m hoping to recreate much of the material based on the content available in Google Reader, but I’m not sure that will be possible for everything.  If anything, I’ve learned a lesson that I need to make regular backups and save them!  At any rate, the site will be a work in progress for the coming days…

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Abbreviations Used on

May 5th, 2009 Comments off

Here is a summary of abbreviations used on this site:

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Trying Something New

April 12th, 2009 Comments off

Every semester I run across things such as “real world” articles or various links that are helpful to students.  To share these resources,  I have been using the D2L Discussions tool and that has worked fairly well, but it does have limits.  One of the limits is that I might find an article on Environmental Costs early in the semester and we don’t cover that until late in the semester and D2L Discussions don’t allow me to categorize things to make them easier to find when the topic becomes relevant/current.  Another limit is that some articles I find, for example, can be useful over the course of many semesters and I have to repost them into each D2L course for each group of students to see them.  This takes a lot of time and inevitably I end up not being able to find resources that I know I have had at one time or another.

In response to these limitations, going forward I’m going to post this kind of information here on a blog.  This blog can continue to grow over time and will serve as a resource for current/future/past students over time.

When linking to things, I will try to find ways of doing so to avoid sites that require user authentication (id and password), but I know that will not always be possible.  The Wall Street Journal, in particular, is one place I find a lot of articles and some of their material is only available to subscribers when retrieved from  Fortunately, all students and faculty of Metropolitan State University have access to many online, library databases so in those situations, I can usually find another link that will allow you open the article using your NetDirect userid and password through ProQuest, EBSCOhost, etc.  If you are not a current student at Metropolitan State University you will find that these links do not work for you.

Any and all encouragement, criticism, commentary, etc. is welcome as long as it is not of a nature personally attacking other students, visitors, me, etc.  Please visit often and consider subscribing to the RSS feed using your favorite feed aggregator such as Google Reader.  Then you will be notified automatically when there are new items to view.

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