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Google Reader

September 3rd, 2009 Comments off

I mentioned in class that I use a tool called Google Reader.  Rather than reinvent the wheel, I’ll direct your attention to a post I wrote up several months back on my personal blog detailing the uses and features of this great tool.  Using Google Reader or a similar program is one way that you can be informed when new things are posted here, for example.

Google Reader @ My Flypaper Mind:

Create PDF Files Free!

May 11th, 2009 Comments off

I’ve posted on my personal blog,, some information that could also be helpful in class/life and that I want to post here as well.  Rather than copying/pasting the entire post to this site, I’ll just add links where appropriate.  That way if I edit any information I don’t need to do it in two spots.

The first topic that I think is helpful is one detailing how you can use free software to create PDF files from any Windows application that can print.

Most people think that creating PDF files (aka Portable Document Format) requires the purchase of software like Adobe Acrobat at a cost of several hundred dollars.  This is not the case.  While Adobe did create the PDF standard as a proprietary file format, there have been other programs available for some time that will allow a person to create and even manipulate PDF files and the file format has been released as an open standard for more than a year now.

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