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Coke’s Eagan operation: A new energy-efficiency model

March 1st, 2011 Comments off

Don Shelby of WCCO fame has landed at MinnPost and offers a look at local sustainability success at Coca-Cola.  As with nearly every business decision, the benefits have to outweigh the costs for any long-term efforts to take root.  As with other environmental initiatives elsewhere, the opportunity to save money, increase profits, and become more marketable to green-conscious consumers are all drivers of decisions to push environmental practices.  I expect this snowball to continue to grow.

Has Coca-Cola become a great steward of the earth? In many ways it has, but that alone won’t carry the day with businesses out to make money for investors. Coca-Cola gets the attention of the industrial world when it announces that all of these efficiencies have made, or will make in the future, higher profits for the company. Coca-Cola says the economic, environmental and social implications of business are more important than ever. “We understand that sustainability is core to our business,” the company says in a statement. Coke’s new in-house motto is “Live Positively.”


Mark Blaiser, executive director of the Chamber’s “Waste Wise” program, said: “Sustainability is smart business. Saving energy is smart business. Environmental sustainability is not going away, it is not a fad. There are great economic opportunities for businesses that adopt a sustainability model. Those are the businesses that will lead the way to the future.”

via MinnPost – Don Shelby: Coke’s Eagan operation: A new energy-efficiency model.

What if you could rent college textbooks?

May 25th, 2010 Comments off

With St. Cloud State University starting up a textbook rental program I wonder how long it will be until other campuses do the same.  I have a feeling that any rental program will be relatively short-lived given that at some point colleges are sure to move to electronic textbooks instead of the paper versions.  I guess time will tell.

MinnPost – What if you could rent college textbooks? St. Cloud State will try it this summer.

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