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Study: CFOs Focus on Attracting and Retaining Accountants

August 10th, 2010 Comments off

As the economy recovers (which is hopefully happening now) I expect to hear a lot of news about companies fighting hard to retain employees as well as to attract new ones.  For a while now, employers haven’t had to work hard to keep the people they have because of the inability of their people to find jobs elsewhere.  Also, it has been easy to recruit for the few open positions a company might have because of the number of high-quality applicants that have been looking for work.  As the supply of jobless folks dries up, retaining and recruiting will once again be huge if companies want to remain competitive.

Frequently, accountants are being asked to be more than the “bean counters.”  As we discuss in class, management accounting is a field where people are expected to wear many hats while also being financially focused.  These “non-technical” skills are exactly what employers will be looking for in the near future:

Over half of the executives surveryed answered that “There are not enough individuals in the market with the necessary soft skills.” Similarly, 31% said that personality or people skills are important than technological capabilities when deciding between two job candidates.

“Technical accounting skills are critical, but it wasn’t the primary issue of concern,” said Gina Kim, director in the public policy and external affairs group at Grant Thornton. “Now that accountants are expected to put more professional judgment into their determinations, they have to be able to think critically about an issue.”

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