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Walmart Bringing Smaller Store Format to America?

September 20th, 2010 Comments off

I posted a few months ago about Walmart’s smaller store footprint in the U.K. Today’s Financial Times reports on its front page that Walmart is lining up real estate across the US to roll out smaller format stores in its home country.  The article cites chatter amongst real-estate brokers as the source of this information and the world’s largest retailer has yet to announce detailed plans, but suffice it to say that anything Walmart does has the potential to shake things up.

“They’ve been looking at sites between 20,000 and 50,000 sq ft over the summer,” said one broker in northern California.

Garrick Brown, a vice-president of research at Colliers International, said the retailer was looking at taking over existing buildings, and that “chatter” from brokers suggested the retailer was looking for scores of sites across the US. “It is going to be huge,” he said.

Walmart lines up sites across US to roll out smaller format stores. Jonathan Birchall. Financial Times. London (UK): Sep 20, 2010. pg. 1

Walmart lines up sites for smaller stores. Jonathan Birchall. Financial Times. London (UK): Sep 20, 2010. pg. 15


The AP has the story now too at this link: or via at this link:

Cargo airlines fined $214m for price fixing

April 12th, 2009 Comments off

An article from Financial Times detailing several fines levied by the US Dept. of Justice on several cargo airlines for price fixing.

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According to the DoJ, the airlines participated in “meetings, conversations and communications” to agree some components of the cargo rates to be charged on certain routes to and from the US. They conspired to monitor and enforce adherence to the prices.