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How a Tata Motors unit turned around with Balanced Scorecard

May 10th, 2009 Comments off

Here is an example of a company in India, Tata Motors, that found benefits from using a Balanced Scorecard. We discuss the Balanced Scorecard in the first week of the semester and then again toward the end of the semester. Companies that have a balanced scorecard (or a successful one at least) have the goals/measures of the balanced scorecard interwoven throughout the organization.

If there is a single recipe to competitive advantage, it must be the ability to respond to changes in the business environment. This response is an ongoing process, backed by consistent measurement and performance review. Success in the future is shaped by learning from the past and implementing these lessons in the present.

How a Tata Motors unit turned around with Balanced Scorecard.  Suresh Lulla.  DNA India.  May 11, 2009.